Oriental Maritime LLC

Oriental Maritime LLC is a Dubai based shipping company , which have been involved in Chartering worldwide since 2005 with staff profile of a wealthy experience and professionalism.

After long years of success Oriental Maritime LLC have grown substantially to become a leading exponent of the Global Shipbroking industry and we are extending our activities to continue the challenge and fulfilment with our clients.

Oriental Maritime LLC main activity is conducting business between the companies and their trading partners through our chartering departments such as, Tanker Chartering, Dry Cargo Period Chartering and Ship Sale & Purchase.

Oriental Maritime LLC has increased its activities gradually and has developed itself into an internationally recognized shipping company, covering the required segments and aspects of the global dry bulk market, and provides its services worldwide to both shipping and trading companies. The aim at all times is to offer competitive rates as well as reputable and professional service to both traders and also to shipping companies in providing reliable employments for their vessels.

Among of our main activities is trading bulk rock phosphates from Egypt to West Coast India, East Coast India, Malaysia, Taiwan and Poland with trading hug metric tons of bulk phosphates.

Silica Sand Cargo is also one of our main concern as our usual charters trust our fair performance and consider us as their semi exclusive channel.

We are direct channels to hung charters and traders all over the world of agri cargos like bagged and bulk sugar, bulk wheat and bagged wheat bran, wheat flour, soybean meal, corn, rice and more.

The steel parcels are representing one of our important shipments , side by side with the steel rebar and coils.

It worth to be mentioned that for so many years and we keep fixing iron ore, pig ore, gypsum, coal, petcoke and clay as well.

Due Oriental Maritime LLC to its excellent reputation we have strong relationship with vessel owners until they considered us as their semi exclusive channels, we are keen in Handysize, Handymax and Supramax and we have long list of direct vessels position worldwide.


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